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Having issues getting your applications deployed? Don't know what tools are best for your stack? Get expertise in public and private cloud infrastructure, application lifecycle management and DevOps methodologies now!

About this company also known as “Lecroq”

We’re experts in Linux and Open Source technology. And we like to automate things. In fact if it’s not automated, it’s probably because we haven’t looked at it yet or because it’s cheaper to do it manually.


No nonsense

We’re straight to the point. Why beat around the bush? Let’s be efficient, without losing respect for each other.


Knowledge matters

We know what we’re doing. We can rely on years of experience, various specialist training programmes, and strong partners in a large network of experts. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you as well because honesty matters.


Getting the job done

We strongly believe in the right tool for the right job. Even if it’s a tool everyone hates. If it’s the easiest and most efficient tool available, we won’t try to convince you to go the hard way.


Out of the box

We’re special. And we know it. People might think we’re insane, but there’s a fine line between creativity and insanity. There. A whole bunch of buzzwords in one sentence. Just to tell you that we like to question the status quo. That’s also why this item doesn’t align with the previous ones.

Our services

Technology Training

Having difficulties understanding a certain technology? No worries. We can help you with various training programmes as well as tailor-made coaching of you or your team.

Public & Private Cloud

With the Linux OS in our core DNA, we know how to manage computer infrastructure, whether that’d be in your data center or someone else’s.

Container Orchestration

Containers are the solution to all problems they say. That’s of course not entirely true. We do know which problems they solve and can help you to apply this technology correctly.

Automation as a Service

Why do things manually when you can automate? We apply Configuration Management, Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD as much as possible. Git hasn’t got any secrets for us.

Strong partnerships

We can rely on the durable relationships we’ve built in the past and we continue working on collaboration with partners. Because together we’re better than alone.

Partner since 2017

Client Portfolio

Some of the customers we’ve been working with

ITGilde Academy

Providing training services and tailor-made coaching of people who want to become proficient in Open Source technologies.

Razor Secure

Setup of build pipelines to build the RazorSecure Security Gateway.


Providing training services for young graduates as part of their onboarding at the customer’s workforce.


Maintaining GKE clusters for a customer with a high traffic load generation.


Coach customers in the use of cloud technologies. Introduce automation in the team.


Operational support on the Docker infrastructure, perform updates and disaster recovery tests.

contact information

Lecroq BV

Bakelaarstraat 31
2800 Mechelen

BTW BE0690.648.413